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    The Vibratory Disc Mill RS 300 is suitable for the extremely quick, loss-free and reproducible grinding of medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials to analytical fineness. It is possible to process 1, 2, 3 or 4 samples simultaneously. Thanks to the robust universal drive shaft, which sets the grinding jar into a 3-D motion, this mill accepts grinding set weights of up to 30 kg. The closed grinding system guarantees complete processing of the sample.

    Just like the RS 200, the RS 300 with its robust design has proven to be ideally suitable for applications in geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, as well as in the building materials sector (cement) and in power plants.

    Due to the high end fineness and speed, the Vibratory Disc Mills are the perfect choice when it comes to preparing samples for spectral analysis.

    Application Examples

    Cement, Cement Clinker, Ceramics, Coal, Coke, Concrete, Corundum, Electronic Components, Glass, Metal Oxides, Minerals, Ores, Plant Materials, Silicates, Slag, Soils…

    Product Advantages

    • Reproducible results and homogeneous samples thanks to universal drive shaft (3D vibration of grinding sets)
    • Speed: 912 min-1
    • Short grinding times
    • Autoreverse function (left/right rotation)
    • Programmable interval function (start/ stop automatic)
    • Wide range of materials for contamination-free grinding
    • Grinding jar volumes from 100 ml up to 2,000 ml
    • Closed and noise-insulated grinding chamber
    • Pneumatic grinding-jar clamping (with air-pressure) for convenient and safe handling
    • Additional security feature: mill only starts if the pneumatic pressure is correct
    • Optional Autolifter for ergonomic lifting of heavy grinding sets

    Function Principle

    The vibratory disc mill comminutes by impact and friction. The grinding set is firmly attached to the vibration plate with a pneumatic quick clamping device. The plate with the grinding set is subjected to 3-D vibrations.

    The sample is crushed by extreme pressure, impact and friction generated by centrifugal forces acting on the grinding rings in the dish.The vibrations are produced by a frequency controlled 2.2 kW 3-phase motor.

    Applications: Size Reduction, Mixing, Triturating
    Field of Application: Construction Materials, Environment / Recycling, Geology / Metallurgy, Glass / Ceramics
    Feed Material: Medium-hard, hard, brittle, fibrous
    Size Reduction Principle: Pressure, friction
    Material Feed Size: < 20 mm
    Final Fineness: < 20 µm
    Batch Size / Feed Quantity: 35 – 2,000 ml
    Speed at 50 Hz (60 Hz): 912 min-1
    Material of Grinding Tools: Chrome Steel, Hardened Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium Oxide, Steel 1.1740 (for heavy-metal free grinding)
    Grinding Jar Sizes: 100 ml / 800 ml / 1,000 ml / 2,000 ml
    Setting of Grinding Time: Digital, 00:00 to 59:59
    Drive: 3-Phase motor
    Drive Power: 2.2 kW
    Electrical Supply Data: Different Voltages
    Power connection: 3-Phase
    Protection Code: IP 40
    W x H x D Closed: 1150 x 1400 x 810 mm
    Net Weight: ~ 415 kg (without grinding set)
    Standards: CE

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    The fluid bed dryer TG 200 is used in quality control, sample preparation and R&D departments. It permits the gentle drying of organic, inorganic, chemical or pharmaceutical bulk materials without localized overheating. Suitable materials can be coarse, fine, crystalline, fibrous or leafy. The powerful fan of the fluid bed dryer ensures optimal air throughput so that the products to be dried are loosened up and thoroughly mixed resulting in short drying times. With the interval operation the fluidized bed is mixed even better. Temperature, drying time and air volume can be set digitally and adjusted continuously.

    Application Examples

    Cellulose, coal, coke, compost, leather, pharmaceutical materials, plastic granules, refuse derived fuels, saw dust, soils, splints, waste samples, … 

    Product Advantages

    • Gentle drying, dispersing and mixing also of temperature sensitive materials
    • Very short drying times (~ 5 – 20 min)
    • Powerful fan for optimal air throughput
    • Easy handling
    • Interval operation for better mixing of the fluidized bed
    • Wide range of accessories including various containers
    • Memory for up to 9 SOPs
    • Motor with no brushes allows for long service life

    Function Principle

    Drying in the Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200 makes use of the fluidized bed process, a technique similar to the one used in large industrial dryers. Ambient air is drawn in through a filter. A blower moves the air across the heating elements, and ultimately forces it through the perforated plate and into the detachable drying container. The solid particles are blown upward and dispersed and thus kept separate from one another. This helps to avoid a caking and sticking of the particles as it often occurs when other drying methods are used.

    The air stream of the fluid bed dryer extracts moisture from the particles and then exits through the filter bag in the cover. Using the quick-clamp cover with the filter fleece insert is advisable when dealing with products finer than 100 μm in diameter. The 1000 watt blower provides an air volume of 185 m3/h at idle speed; heater output is 2000 watts. The air volume, heating power and temperature are infinitely adjustable. Temperature control is effected using he display gauge.

    Applications: drying
    Field of application: agriculture, biology, chemistry / plastics, construction materials, environment / recycling, food, medicine / pharmaceuticals
    Feed material: bulk materials and solids
    Material feed size*: > 100 µm
    Volume flow: 185 m3/h
    Time setting: digital, 1 – 99 min / continuous operation
    Storable SOPs: 9
    Temperature control: continuously adjustable, 40 – 130 °C (depending on air throughput rate)
    Drying time* 5 – 20 min, depending on product, quantity, moisture content
    Container volume: 1 x 6 l / 3 x 0.3 l
    Electrical supply data: 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power connection: 1-phase
    W x H x D: 400 x 1000 x 480 mm
    Net weight: ~ 21 kg
    Standards: CE

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