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EasySieve, the software for particle size analyses, exceeds manual evaluation in many aspects, due to the fact that the software is able to automatically control the necessary measurement and weighing procedures – from the registration of the weight of the sieve up to the evaluation of the data. It is more simple and more comfortable to use than ever before, and, to put it simple, “easy”.

The new EasySieve CFR version offers compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Application Examples

Cement Clinker, Chemicals, Coffee, Construction Materials, Fertilizers, Fillers, Flours, Grains, Metal Powders, Minerals, Nuts, Plastics, Sand, Seeds, Soils, Washing Powder, …

Product Advantages

  • Automatic registration, evaluation and administration of measurement data
  • Logical design, self-explanatory
  • Measurement protocol in accordance with standards
  • Cmplex transformation into charts and tables
  • Dta link of different measurement instruments
  • Atomatic detection and configuration of common analytical scales
  • Cmprehensive data export
  • EasySieve CFR: Itegrated AuditTrail for consistent documentation of every working step of the sieving process
  • EasySieve CFR: Al data is stored in encrypted form in data bases
  • EasySieve CFR: AuditTrail Manager provides four different user levels: from administrator to standard user

Function Principle

Parameter entry
All available parameters (such as sieve stack configuration, dead weight of the sieve, sieve shaker settings) as well as the characteristics, which may have to be calculated, can be entered by clicking with the mouse in the corresponding fields.

Sieve analysis
The program accepts automatic and manual data entries from both scale and sieve system. All RETSCH sieve shakers of the series “control” can be automatically controlled with EasySieve®. After the sieve analysis is completed, the loaded sieves are reweighed. By determining the weight difference, the program automatically detects the mass proportions and assigns them accordingly to the corresponding fractions.

The EasySieve software calculates all common particle distributions as well as the characteristic values of the particle size, thus making it possible to present the results in standard presentation forms, such as tables and charts. Cumulative throughput or residual values, distribution density and histograms can be included in the standard particle size distributions.

Data export
All measured data can be printed, saved and exported as tables and charts. Automatic transfer into the LIMS system is possible.